I am a visual artist who is based in Toronto, Canada. In my work, I explore the mystical, magical, and uncomfortable aspects of our existence in the natural world, and how we respond to the elements we encounter. I do this through images of the humananimal and natural world.

Much of the art I create is inspired by time I spend in nature. I have been influenced by Native artists and well as classical art traditions and folk art from around the world. My artwork is often expressionistic in nature and reflects the inner landscape rather than outer reality.

In my new work I have drawn inspiration from films, as well as images from dreams, and sketches done while walking around the city. I have then collaged them onto boards creating pieces that reflect a coming together of many archetypes and scenarios in life both real and imagined. These include images that explore the world of masculine/feminine, gender roles, icons, gods and goddesses, childhood, victimization, playfulness, and the struggle between and integration of the dark and the light.

I use a variety of mixed media including inks, dyes, oil sticks, wax and collage. I frequently use many layers of dyed paper to develop depth and texture, using oil sticks, ink or graphite to highlight key elements. I am inspired by the diversity and interconnectedness of all that exists in the natural world and our need as humans to connect more deeply with that experience.