Keep the fish swimming, the turtles crawling and the birds flying!

I really love animals. Not just because they are each beautiful in their own way but because animals hold a deep connection with the world around them, including us. I’ve previously written about why I choose a turtle to represent my art business (read that post here) but I’ve also dedicated a lot of my time towards painting, sketching and observing animals which you can view here.

Through my examination of the roles animals play in our lives, I’ve also spearheaded many projects through my role at the K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation that supports Canada’s wildlife and the habitats that foster a stronger, more resilient life-force.


Some of the initiatives I’ve done on my own include donating works from my personal collection towards auctions and events such as “Hummingbird” which sold at auction during SpringSong, The Heritage Centre’s fundraiser for Pelee Island Bird Observatory.

Another initiative I’m proud of is the “Keep The Fish Swimming” T-shirt I designed for The Wildlife League. 

“Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause.” –Bruce Feiler

Some Of The Women I Love!

I am so honoured to have been supported by a number of amazing women over the years. Women that not only believed in me, but they also bought artwork from me. Thank you to all of the woman mentors who have helped me as an artist. Your support means the world to me!

Laurie Brown, Laura McLauchlan Jenny Knox, Susan Aharan, Brenda Bazinet, Nusa Prijatelj, Joy Gooding, Tamara Ortas, Georgia Wilder, Parris Sander, Sonia Scharf and Kelly Kylee, Maria Calandra, Brooke Lydbrooke, Dominique Laplante.

Hummingbird: On auction at Springsong!

Hummingbird is an ink work on paper that I created in 2012 and will be sold for auction at the 18th Annual Springsong!

This prestigious event is a celebration of books and birds and is a fundraiser for The Heritage Centre with the help of Pelee Island Bird Observatory and Margaret Atwood. Past guest have included; Alice Munro, David Suzuki, Miriam Toews, and last year Madeleine Thien!

Margaret Atwood continues the tradition of bringing award-winning authors to our island where they are introduced by her at our traditionally sold-out banquet. This year is no exception and I am honoured to be part of this year’s weekend with guest author Steve Burrows, award-winning Canadian mystery writer, journalist, and a past recipient of a “Nature Writer of the Year” award from BBC Wildlife.

Burrows new book, A Dance of Cranes is the story of Lindy, Chief Inspector Domenic Jejeune who has returned from the U.K. to the news that his brother has gone missing in Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park. But even if Jejeune can find his brother in the vast, remote wilderness, keeping them both alive afterwards might prove a far greater challenge. Across two continents, the lives of Domenic and Lindy are spiralling towards a similar fate. And there seems to be nothing anyone can do to help them.

To bid on this work in support of the Pelee Island Heritage Centre, grab your tickets to Springsong before they sell out!

Hummingbird by Sarah Hunter, collage and ink work on paper,  15″ x 18″, 2012

Springsong 2019
Pelee Island Heritage Centre
Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mentoring Our Youth: Tess McKenzie

Tess McKenzie at Sarah Hunters studio, Toronto.

No stranger to mentorship, Sarah Hunter has dedicated her talents to helping kids find a place for themselves in the arts.

Having worked with many youth vying for spots at the prestigious Etobicoke School of the Arts, Sarah has also supported Tess McKenzie (pictured above) in her efforts to get into the Central Tech art stream where she majored in sculpture and welding. Tess continues to make art and is now in her first year at Trent University in Psychology!

Ode To My Mother: The Mothers Comb

The Mothers Comb is a triptych I did after my mother’s death two years ago. I think this series is a way of processing the relationship I did have with my mother, which really improved in the last few years of her life. She made a lot of amends to me at the end of her life and we were on good terms when she died. Prior to that time, we were not close and I always felt I wanted to get close to her but couldn’t somehow. She stayed a mysterious person to me most of my life, someone I wanted to be close to but it was very difficult for her to open up and share herself with me.

The Mothers Comb 1

The Mothers Comb 2

The Mothers Comb 3

Elaine Smookler, These Boots

“I had just moved back to what felt like a very grey Toronto. I had been invited to read a piece I had written for an event in a Gallery on Queen Street.  I remember walking in and seeing Sarah’s piece, “These Boots” on the wall and feeling an immediate, electric connection with it.  I had no money, I had just moved to town, but I absolutely had to have that piece of art in my life.  It had a joy, vitality and clowny quality that resonated deeply and felt like a vitamin I needed to nourish me in my new winter home. As an added bonus, when I went to pick the piece up from Sarah’s studio, our brief conversation  sparked a friendship that endures to this day.” -Elaine Smookler, Psychotherapist, teacher, writer, performer    

Janet Forbes: Bees

It’s a small piece and I often look at it and smile. -Janet Forbes, Carpenter & Trades Person
Janet saw Sarah’s work for the first time at a Christmas craft sale at her yoga studio and was attracted to the pieces and also enjoyed talking with her. “I was attracted to the piece because it was fun and light-hearted,” says Janet Forbes about purchasing one of Sarah Hunters works adding, “bees were very much in the news because they were being killed by our use of insecticides and pesticides and I wanted to remind myself of how necessary and important they are to our world.”

Jenny Knox: Whimsical Forest Creatures

I have 4 pieces of art by Sarah. I love them all – each of the creatures seem to have a personality of their own. It’s as tho they come to life as she paints them. -Jenny Knox

Having known Sarah for many years and first saw her artwork at her parent’s house. Today Jenny owns a set of paintings that she still loves, “I love Sarah’s series of whimsical forest creatures. I bought one of them because it exuded joy and I wanted that lovely energy in my home.”