Jenny Knox: Whimsical Forest Creatures

I have 4 pieces of art by Sarah. I love them all – each of the creatures seem to have a personality of their own. It’s as tho they come to life as she paints them. -Jenny Knox

Having known Sarah for many years and first saw her artwork at her parent’s house. Today Jenny owns a set of paintings that she still loves, “I love Sarah’s series of whimsical forest creatures. I bought one of them because it exuded joy and I wanted that lovely energy in my home.”




Sally Rappeport

Sally Rappeport is one of Sarah Hunter’s earliest patrons having acquired several pieces including [insert piece title]. As an acupuncture and herbalist,  Sally currently lives in Brooklyn but the two met during university where she first saw her works hanging in Sarah’s apartment.

“The piece with the dogs is my favorite.  It has such energy and passion.”  -Sally Rappeport

Face and Figure

Saturday January 13th from 1 to 3 pm stop by the Face And Figure art show reception at Ben Navaee Gallery in Hamilton. Artists include Sarah Hunter (in attendance), Alfred DeCurtis, Diane Fine, Mirka Hattula and Mena Nunes. Drop by, say hello and experience portraits in a whole new light.

Sarah Hunter portraits for sale include: Butch In A Mask, Boy-Girl, Femme In A Mask and Woman In A Red Dress.