Diane Kingstone is a Kindergarten teacher who met Sarah in 1982, where they spent two years at The Institute of Child Studies in Toronto, getting their teaching qualifications.

How did you come to see Sarah’s artwork? 

We quickly became friends, and shared a passion for stories and art and children! I can’t honestly remember exactly where or when I saw the two pieces of Sarah’s work that I purchased, but it was a long time ago and I know that the Three Dog Night piece was also something that Sarah and I gave as a wedding present for our dear friend Heather Gilman. I’m guessing that I purchased a print for myself around the same time, and I remember wishing that I was able to buy more of Sarah’s work because I loved so many of her prints. I think I purchased the second art piece some years afterwards, but I’m not sure how many years later. At any rate, for as long as I can remember the two pieces have been in my living room.

Can you describe your favourite part of the piece?
What I especially love about both Four Dog Night, and Midnight Ramble, is the use of colour. I love their dynamic richness, and the way the colours contrast with each other. I also love the texture in both pieces…they almost look like pastel drawings in places. They give me the same kind of feeling I get when I I look at really powerful children’s paintings, Sarah’s work has the same kind of innate sense of colour and line that young children often have. I love the playfulness of both pieces, they make me smile, and I have never, ever tired of either. As I said earlier, my only regret is that, when other prints of Sarah’s were still available, I wasn’t able to purchase more of her work. I remember loving so many of her prints, but these are the two that resonated with me the most and I continue to get great joy from them as their warmth and vibrancy light up the walls of my living room.