Recent Shows & Exhibits

John B Aird, Drawing Show March/April 2021
Cabbagetown BIA, banners displayed at F’Amelia Restaurant Summer 2020
John B Aird Gallery Milstletoe Magic, Dec 2020
Gallery Usine 106U Montreal, Oct. 2019

The Dog Show
John B. Aird Gallery, launching August 14, 2020 
John B. Aird Gallery June 25 to July 17, 2020

Previous Shows & Exhibits

John B. Aird Gallery, Drawing 2020, Feb 6-28 2020
Faema Caffe, March-April 2020
Artscape Youngplace, Fancy Fruit, Feb 2020
Gallery Usine106U (Montréal), Sept 2019

John B. Aird Gallery, The Cat Show, Sept-Oct 2019
Faema Caffe, July-Aug 2019
John B. Aird Gallery Drawing 2019, Jan-Feb, 2019
Faema Caffe, Sept-Dec 2018
Nuit Rose, June 2018
Solo Portrait show at Oakville Public Library, May 2018
Ben Navaee Face & Figure, Jan-February 2018, Hamilton
Mistletoe Magic, John B Aird Gallery, Dec 2017
Akasha Holiday Art show Dec 2017
Window Display on Church st. Sept-Oct 2017
Nuit Rose, June 2017
Night Party Art Show, June 2017
Ben Navaee solo show March 10-16 2017
Ben Navaee group show November, 2016
Animal Totem Workshop Esther Myers Studio Nov 2016
Nuit Rose June 2016
Yorkville Public Library in Dec 2015
Nuit Rose, June 2014
All About Queer Film at Glad Day Bookstore, Toronto, May-June 2014
Women’s Writing 4: article, four portrait images published
Solo show at Glad Day Bookstore, Toronto, Mar 2014
Animal Totem Workshop at Ester Myers Yoga Studio, 2014
Group Show, Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, Dec. 2013.
Holiday Craft Show, Ester Myers Yoga Studio, Toronto, 2013
The Sketchbook Project, 2013
POWERHAUS, Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto
Artwork displayed at Blue Bird Shop
Sketchbook Project and the Mapping Project, Art House Co-op, 2013
Exhibition at The Hub, Coffee House, Toronto
Bezpala Brown Gallery, Toronto, June
“Last in” group show at Bezpala Brown Gallery, Toronto
Art workshop, Yoga and Collage, Esther Myers Yoga Studio
Starbucks, solo exhibition, Toronto, 2010
John B. Aird Gallery’s Annual Juried Drawing Show, 2010

Private Collections

Doffy, Professional Italian
Olga St. Pierre, Receptionist and Admin Support at the OAC
Michele Bussieres, Retired, Active Volunteer
Hope Haviland, Massage Therapist
Eleanor Laing, Artist
Sergio Rodriguez, Barber
Paola Cohen, Designer
Julianne Hodgins, Teacher
Heather Hay, President, Fierte Canada, LGBTQ Activist

Sonja Scharf, Photographer, Akasha Art Projects
Kelly Kyle, Photographer, Akasha Art Projects
Jenny Knox, Massage Therapist
Susan Aharan, Building Manager
Andrew Jackson, Actor
Bill Wanstrom, PR Manager
Merlin Homer, Visual Artist
Joy Gooding, Major Gifts Officer, TIFF
Michael Kimmel, Southern California author and Psychotherapist
Murray Pomerance, Toronto Writer
Tammy Sage, Botanist and Biology Prof. U of T
Simon Reynolds, Film Maker
Andrew Burashko, Concert Pianist
Laurie Brown, Arts Reporter, writer
Bill Graham, Liberal MP
Richard Monette, Artistic Director of Stratford
Judith Thompson, Canadian Playwright
Avril Benoit, CBC Arts Reporter
Ellen Manney, Arts Educator
Laura McLauchlan, Toronto Writer
Brenda Bazinet, Actor
Martha Baillie. Toronto Writer
Jamie Cunningham, New York Dance Choreographer and Actor
Rodney Archer, English Poet
Paula Cohen, Arts Educator
Jim George, Diplomat
Graham Jackson, Toronto Writer / Jungian Analyst
Quoc Bao Dang, chef
Jeff Johnston, Environmental Designer
Fariz Kovalchuk, Gallery Director and Visual Artist
Lisah, owner of The Hub
Donald Ainslie
Antonio Calcagno, Philosophy Professor, University of Western
Fadi Abou-Rihan, Freudian Analyst
Leslie Robinson, Student
Cris Costa-Haigler
Mel Costa-Haigler
Marc Bilz, Paramedic
Parris Sander, Legal administrator.
Tamara Cosby, Language instructor
Georgia Wilder, Poet and Entrepreneur