I really love animals. Not just because they are each beautiful in their own way but because animals hold a deep connection with the world around them, including us. I’ve previously written about why I choose a turtle to represent my art business (read that post here) but I’ve also dedicated a lot of my time towards painting, sketching and observing animals which you can view here.

Through my examination of the roles animals play in our lives, I’ve also spearheaded many projects through my role at the K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation that supports Canada’s wildlife and the habitats that foster a stronger, more resilient life-force.


Some of the initiatives I’ve done on my own include donating works from my personal collection towards auctions and events such as “Hummingbird” which sold at auction during SpringSong, The Heritage Centre’s fundraiser for Pelee Island Bird Observatory.

Another initiative I’m proud of is the “Keep The Fish Swimming” T-shirt I designed for The Wildlife League. 

“Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause.” –Bruce Feiler