This is a group curated exhibition that was put together from an open call for submissions and has become a Gallery 1313 staple. Sex is many things to different people and this has never become more evident in the range of diverse submissions that are sent in. The end result is an exhibition that will make people laugh, think and talk. Curated by Phil Anderson.

Sarah Hunters “Bear Man In Cave” and “Bear Woman In A Cave” will be on display and of course, for sale.

Other participating artists include Amiel Sandland, Courtney McKay Fairweather, Kate Greenway, Raffi Anderian, Franziska Biarczyk, Ken Vincent, Christine Hirtescu, Anna Golding, Sarah Hunter, Tommy Feiler, Miska Peachka, Anna Rabotnikova, Vanessa Lafolla , Gina Daloisio, Crystal Zhang, Anna Golding, Bill Ward, Anna Tanner, Margo Puhachenko, Jesus Mora, Farrokh Nooroney, Alsa St. Rose, Brian Ginther, Michael Cooper, Francis Pitsadiotir, Mariia Charuta, Mahsa Hossini and others.

A Sex Show
Gallery 1313
1313 Queen St West
Show runs until February 25th, 2024
Wed through Sat 1 to 5 pm, Sunday 1 to 4 pm.