Esther Myers Yoga Studio offers a deeply reflective and student-centered approach to yoga. Our practice emphasizes slow, intelligent, and safe movements, guided by highly trained teachers who possess a thorough understanding of anatomy and the potential for natural movement.

If you are a member of the studio or are considering taking a class, you’ll notice some of my artwork adorning the walls as part of the show “Bunnies, and Foxes and Bears, Oh My!” which are available for purchase. Beyond merely showcasing my art, I’m thrilled about this partnership because the philosophy of Esther Myers Yoga Studio aligns closely with my artistic practice: deliberate, intuitive, and contemplative. Below you can see the artworks on display.

If you’ve ever contemplated incorporating yoga into your life, I highly recommend checking out Esther Myers Yoga Studio! Artworks from Sarah Hunter will on display until the end of March.